Activities and Recreation


Maintaining an active and social lifestyle is equally important to the health of one's mind and body.  


Our programs will cater to the needs of  participants to ensure safety, participation, and achieving the goals of everyone involved.


These programs will be available to all of our residents, including youth sports for the children of our veteran's with TBI. 

Youth Sports

Children of veterans often have a hard time adapting to the constant changes in their lives.  Learning to cope with the separation of a deployed parent, frequent moving, and attending new schools, can all cause stress and behavioral issues.


Engaging children and teens in sports is a fun and healthy way to cope with these stresses. Many other benefits associated with participation in sports include:

- Better Physical Health

- Increased Social Skills

- Higher Self-Esteem

- Improved Academic Performance

- Discourages Drug and Alcohol Use

- Developing Leadership Skills

- Continued Healthy Behavior into Adulthood