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Veterans Wellness Center

Tucson, AZ


 Purchase and convert an existing 230 bed Skilled
Nursing Facility. Convert to provide a 150 bed
Residential Behavioral Health Care Facility for

The facility will be staffed 24/7 with Mental Health Technicians (MHT) and counselors. A psychologist
and psych nurse will be on call 24/7.


The length of stay could be for one month to a year depending on the veteran’s progress and ability to re-enter society.  They to return to any of our Wellness Centers if they feel the need.  


•The facility will employ more than 150 people when it is fully staffed.

•Renovation will take approximately 3 months to complete.

•It will take 5 to 12 months to grow occupancy to 95+%


The seller of the property operates a number of detox facilities in Southern Arizona. All their facilities are feed from the commercial kitchen. VWC Tucson will purchase patient meals from Seller.


• A lease has been negotiated with the seller for office space and the commercial kitchen. The annual lease is $395,000.